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How do I know if an article is considered peer reviewed?

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The most thorough way to find if an article is peer reviewed is to visit the journal publisher's website, locate the journal title, and read the section about the journal which will indicate if submissions to that journal go through a peer review process. See the Tutorials research guide for info on specific databases. 

PubMed - Everything is considered peer reviewed.

EBSCOhost - Use the advanced Search or limit your results after running a search to peer review and academic journals.

Google Scholar - Many items are peer reviewed, but there are some which are not. There isn't a way to limit results to just peer reviewed.

How do I get an article that Logan does not have?

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If you need an article that Logan does not own, we can try to obtain it for you by interlibrary loan. Order or view requests from your Interlibrary loan account here.

For more information, see Request Articles & Books from the library's main page.

How much does it cost to print in the computer lab?

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Printing is free!

Is there a place to print or copy in color in the LRC?

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The copier directly inside the LRC has the ability to print in color.

Can I renew my materials?

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You may renew books, journals, or media items in person, or through the library catalog. Bones and models are not renewable and must be returned by the due date/time to avoid fines. To renew in person, please have a valid ID (Logan ID or state issued ID) or know your student number. You do not have to have the materials with you at time of renewal (except you do need to bring in bones and models). To renew online, choose View Your Library Account in the library catalog.

I am trying to access an article in Pubmed but it keeps asking me for a password. How do I see the full article?

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PubMed is an abstract database that indexes thousands of journals. Journal publishers provide links to full text when available. Some of these are free, but most are paid subscriptions. You have access to free articles and those that Logan pays for a subscription. Look for the Logan Full Text icon to check for full text access. More instructions are located in the PubMed tutorial. We can also order items that are not in our collection by interlibrary loan.

How do I search for only peer reviewed materials?

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PubMed - Articles in PubMed are considered peer reviewed and there isn't a limiter to use in the database.

EBSCOhost (includes Cochrane, SPORTDiscus, Food Science Source, AMED) - Click on Advanced Search under the search box and select Peer Reviewed.

Google Scholar - There isn't a limiter in Google Scholar.  You will have to look at the publisher page and "about this journal" or similar to find out if a journal is peer reviewed.

Index to Chiropractic Literature - Click on "Switch to Advanced Search" and then select "Peer Reviewed Citations" under "Peer Review".

See also How do I know if an article is considered peer reviewed? and Tutorials.

Is there a time limit for reserve books? Can more than one be checked out at a time? May I place a hold on reserve books? Can you tell me who has the reserve book out?

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There is a three hour time limit on reserve books, or due at closing, whichever comes first. You may have more than one reserve book at a time. Holds can not be placed on reserve items, however you may ask who has the item checked out (please note that this only applies to reserve books).

We have some required textbooks on eBook. Check the list here.


Can I limit my PubMed search to include only Logan's items that are available online and not the ones that are in print format only?

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No, this is not an option available through PubMed.  

Can I access databases and articles off-campus?

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Yes, simply use the links provided through the Logan Databases page or the Journal Holdings List. You will be prompted to enter the same credentials as your Logan email. Here is a helpful guide too: https://libguides.logan.edu/c.php?g=181990&p=1198244

What are the hours of the library and computer lab?

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The library is temporarily located in the Purser Center lobby until late Spring 2024. See our calendar below for our library service hours, which remain the same as before. The Purser Lobby may also stay open later than library service hours.

The library and the computer lab have different hours. Please see our main page for the full calendar at www.logan.edu/library. When the library is closed, the anatomy study room is locked. The Idea Room and other study rooms have the same hours as the computer lab.

Is there a scanner available in the computer lab?

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You may scan items using the copier at the front of the LRC. It does not cost anything. Choose "Scan" on the screen.

Can I put an item on hold?

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You may place a hold on circulating copies of books, media, or journals through the library catalog. You may not place a hold on a book that you have an additional copy checked out in your name. Bones and models and reserve items can not be placed on hold.

Are there any circulating copies of a reserve book?

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In some cases, we do have circulating copies of reserve books that can be checked out. Please see the library catalog to find out if we have additional available copies. Or contact us for help.

I'm trying to renew my materials online. Isn't my name and campus ID the same as my Logan email?

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The Logan catalog is a shared catalog system with other academic libraries and is not the same as a Logan's email or My Logan. When you enter your name, do not put a period between your first and last name. Example: jane doe (do not enter as jane.doe). Your campus ID is your 9 digit student number followed by L. Example: 123456789l

If you are a staff, faculty, or alumni patron, contact us for your unique login information.

How long is the checkout period for books, media, bones, etc?

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Checkout periods are different for various materials. Please see our Policies & Fines page for more details.

How much does it cost to make a copy in the computer lab?

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Nothing, it is free.

I need to cite my research paper in the style of JMPT. How do I do this?

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JMPT uses the American Medical Association (AMA) style. See our AMA Style Guide for details on how to cite research papers.

I need to find demographic information for the state in which I plan to practice. How do I locate the number of chiropractors in an area?

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View the professional websites list on the Getting Started in Your Chiropractic Profession for links to sites with demographical statistics. See also Logan's Career Services contact information for more help.

How do I locate requirements from the state in which I plan to practice?

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Visit the Licensure & Boards research guide from the LRC website under Research Guides.

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